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Confessions of a Skinny Girl

     As with the beginning of each New Year, people are flocking to the gym, vowing to eat less, and get that beach body in time for summer. This is especially true of women, who suffer under the misconception that if they are not stick figures, they are hideous mammoths out of a sci-fi flick. What bothers me most, however, is the idea that skinny is the goal for these women. We live in a society that glorifies being thin tremendously, but I’m here to take a stand and say something that people don’t often realize; there is nothing that great about being skinny.

     I’m a small girl. At 5’0, it took me until the age of 20 to hit 100 lbs. For as long as I can remember, my friends have envied my ability to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I’ve been told by friends and even strangers just how good I have it and how I should count my blessings. I’ve been asked what my “secret” is, to which I never have a good answer because there isn’t one. I rarely ever work out, and my eating habits are far from great. I wouldn’t know how to count calories if I tried, and portion control is not something that even exists in my mind.

     Back to the idea that being thin is something all women should strive for. My question more or less is, why? Here are some truths straight from a lifelong skinny girl. I have never felt better looking than anyone else because of my size. I don’t think that my body type is something that people should strive for. If I’m to be completely honest, I think that I have the structural makeup of your average 12 year old boy. I spent my teenage years trying desperately to gain weight, because while everyone wants to be thin, no one wants to shop in the kids section forever. That’s the thing that many people don’t understand: thin girls struggle with body image too.

     Going shopping with friends, something ever girl theoretically enjoys is my worst nightmare. The smallest size at some stores doesn’t fit me, and believe it or not, it feels just as bad as when the largest size at a store doesn’t fit. Knowing that you don’t have the curves that differentiate between little girls and women is just as bad as having the extra pounds that make you the woman most guys will ignore. Granted, attention because of looks is superficial and not the basis for anything meaningful, but although it’s not right it happens every minute of every day. That said, it’s the feeling of wanting to be somewhere in the middle, to be normal, that makes us feel bad more so than there being a magical size everyone should be.

     The fact is, there is no such thing as “the perfect body type.” Everyone will find something to be self-conscious of whether you are a size 00 or a size 200. It’s striving for this unrealistic goal, however, that is making us sick, as individuals and as a society overall. Eating everything in sight to gain weight or starving yourself to lose it are one in the same in that they are both unfair to your body. So I hope this year, you’ll all try to be healthier instead of trying to lose weight. Find it in you to accept who you are because who you are is beautiful, regardless of if that’s what magazine covers are telling you. I can’t say that I’ll be this size forever, but whether I’m thin for the rest of my life or I gain weight as I get older, my goal is going to be to be happy with who I am and surround myself with others who do the same.


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